AFL-CIO District Meetings

We are excited to again be hosting our annual series of AFL-CIO District Meetings in 2020. What an important year we have ahead of us! This year’s programming has been designed to offer content to participants in our roles as leaders and technicians of the Labor 2020 program. Workshops will outline the tools and resources needed to ensure we wake up on Nov. 4 with a government that supports working people.

We encourage leaders to share the registration link with their key Labor 2020 staff person (or people), because this year our workshops are offered as two separate tracks: one for leaders and the other for those who will be responsible for standing up the Labor 2020 program and will benefit from sessions focused on the program elements. We hope to have both you and your designated political staff join us for the district meeting in your area in this critical election year.

While Labor 2020 is at the center of our work this year, we want to save time to discuss other priority issues and programs, including labor law reform, the union economy and the 360-degree union member polling.